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"Over the past 6 years, I've held the position of a Facilities Supervisor for a global fortune 500 software company. I have utilized Harry Donovan and Rugger Electric's services over the past 4 years and find the

staff to be equipped with knowledgeable technicians, that take pride and dignity in their performance.

I consider them to be premier electricians, who provides quality service with the highest professionalism."  

- H. Stewart, Facilities Supervisor, Fortune 500 Software Company

"We've been a happy client of Rugger Electric for over six years. Harry has assisted us every step of the way while remodeling our current home in Great Falls. He helped us revamp both our interior and exterior lighting and we have been very pleased with the results. Harry is very knowledgeable (knows the latest equipment and designs), attentive to detail, and quick to offer up creative solutions."

-Great Falls Homeowner

"I have been a customer of Rugger Electric since 1994, hiring them for a wide range of jobs including attic

fan installation, installation/repair of ceiling fans, interior fixtures, exterior lights, outlets and dedicated appliance circuits.  I have been very pleased with the quality of electrical work as well as the professionalism of Harry Donovan and his team.  My company has also hired Rugger Electric several times over the past decade with excellent results at a substantial savings compared to other contractor quotes.  I highly recommend Rugger Electric for both residential and corporate electrical work."

- Daniel Spar

"I have known Harry for over 15 years.  He is the only electrician I will work with and refer my clients. 

Harry and his staff are friendly, efficient, professional and never say, "we can't do that."  I have given him some interesting challenges from installing new light fixtures, to wiring for a kitchen remodel

and a hot tub.  Harry and his team have always come through and found a way to make what I have specified-work!"

- Deborah Shade, Shades of Design, Inc.

"I have been a client of Rugger Electric for over eight years. His company has always provided us with

quick and reliable service for our electric issues including uplighting of trees, a pond, a walkway as well as

the many issues a large house has to present. They are always honest, fair, and a pleasure to work with."

- B. Singer, Homeowner

“I’ve worked with Harry Donovan for over twenty years, and I will only use Rugger Electric to complement the remodeling work my company does for homeowners. They are reliable, professional and very thorough with all my work. I highly recommend Rugger Electric”

- Martin, CEO/Founder, Ball International Corporation

"Harry and Rugger Electric have been subcontracting my electrical work for close to 20 years.  He has

always been dependable, hard working and efficient.  He gets more accomplished in an hour than any

other electrician I've worked with.  Time is money and I have always appreciated his efforts."

- Arn Flitcroft, President/Chattan Associates


"Harry has done a lot of work on my street, so when my elderly neighbor needed help I suggested

that she call him. He fixed her kitchen light with ease and--most importantly--he insisted

it was "on the house" and did not charge her for it.

That made her day and I think it speaks to his character. "

-Michael T., Falls Church City